World heritage in North-Hesse - GrimmHeimat - Urlaub in der Grimmheimat Nordhessen
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World Heritage in GrimmHeimat NordHessen

Everyone knows the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. They originate from northern Hesse. The hand-annotated first edition of the collection of fairy tales is kept in the Brothers Grimm Museum in Kassel. In 2005, these personal copies were included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.
In 2011, UNESCO awarded GrimmHeimat NordHessen its second world heritage title, that of a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Ancient copper beeches grow in the only national park in Hesse, Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. Their size, their age and their character are unique in Western Europe and, therefore, considered worth protecting by UNESCO.
The 71 m high Hercules monument towers high above the city of Kassel and dominates the hill park that was recently declared a Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here, water reveals itself as an important element with impressive water features and an aqueduct, waterfalls, cascades and fountains.
Wilhelmshöhe Palace, the Lion Castle, the Great Greenhouse, the Ballroom Building or the Cascade Warden’s House – all these preserved buildings have been deliberately integrated into the overall concept of the hill park.



Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site

Bergpark Wilhelmshö¬he is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site. The attractions in the park include Wilhelmshöhe Palace, the Lion Castle and the symbol of the city of Kassel, the Hercules monument.

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"Children’s and Household Tales” by the Brothers Grimm

They have been part of the UNESCO “Memory of the World Register” since 2005. The first edition is on display in the Brothers Grimm Museum in Kassel.

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UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

To the south of the Edersee, you can find Hesse’s only national park, Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, the Kingdom of the Ancient Beeches.

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