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The Urwaldsteig Edersee

The Urwaldsteig leads cross country through one of Europe‘s last truly primeval forests.

Bizarrely shaped trees and enchanted-looking
beech forests look as if gnomes and goblins might well live there. On winding
paths whose wild character lends them a unique charm, the 68 kilometre long
trail leads around the Edersee lake. Time and again, hikers can enjoy stunning
views across the exciting Edersee region‘s outstanding woodland and lakeside
landscapes, and the Kellerwald-Edersee national park and nature conservation
area. The views are probably even more impressive in autumn, thanks to the
amazing woodland colours at that time of the year. A number of shorter trails
branching off the main path are suitable for day trips for walkers of all ages.
With its natural diversity and gnarled, ancient trees, the Urwaldsteig is certainly
worth a visit.


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