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Schloss Wilhelmsthal (Wilhelmsthal Palace)

The landgrave Enlarge picture
Event tours at Wilhelmsthal Palace
© J. Schüßler, RKL

Take a walk through the ample park of the Wilhelmsthal Palace.

This Rococo-style palace was built as a summer residence under Landgrave Wilhelm VII in 1747-1761, based on the designs of François de Cuivilliés, architect to the Bavarian aristocracy.

The palace is embedded in a large scenic park in which you can find grottos and other artistic elements such as ornamental water displays.
The interior design of the palace was masterminded by the sculptor Johann August Nahl. Today, the rooms are open to visitors. Well-known special features include the exhibition of beautifully preserved amenities and the gallery of ancestral portraits with paintings by the royal painter Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder.
Around 1800, the park was redesigned as a fine landscape park, but still incorporating some Rococo features such as the grotto.

Tours of the Palace
Tuesday to Sunday at 10, 11 and 12 a.m. and at 1, 2 and 3 p.m.
Last tour starts one hour before closing time and lasts approx. 45 minutes.
Between mid-May and October 3, the ornamental water displays with 370 fountains take place place next to the canal and the grotto after the palace tours.

Guided Park Tour
Schlosspark Wilhelmsthal, duration approx. 90 minutes
Tours have to be booked in advance: Tel. +49 561 7077-162

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Schloss und Schlosspark Wilhelmsthal:
tel: +49 (0)567468-98

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