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Rotkäppchenland (Little Red Riding Hood’s Country)

Once upon a time there was a little girl… Her grandmother gave her a cap made of red velvet, and because it suited her so well and she did not want to wear anything else anymore, she was called Little Red Riding Hood from then on.

The young women in the Schwälmer Land also wear a little red cap when they put on their impressing Schwälmer costumes on special occasions. And so, it is easy to believe that the Brothers Grimm had their inspiration for the popular tale in the Schwalm region. Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm lived in Kassel and found in Northern Hesse – Homeland of the Brothers Grimm – their models for the famous tales. The folk tales of the Brothers Grimm have attained international fame as a UNESCO world document heritage!

Little Red Riding Hood looked up and when she saw how the sunrays were dancing to and fro in the trees and beautiful flowers were growing everywhere, she thought…
… how beautiful our homeland is! And think of everything you can do: from cycling, hiking and Nordic Walking through golf-playing, horse-riding and gliding up to water-ski, swimming and relaxing.
Have an encounter with rural culture in historical half-timbered towns, in legendary castles and palaces and in lively museums! (And the wolf is well-guarded in the Knüll game park!) The way into Little Red Riding Hood’s Country is not difficult to find. Little Red Riding Hood’s Country lies in Northern Hesse in the heart of Germany and is easily reached via the highways A4, A5, A7 and A49.

Discover and enjoy Little Red Riding Hood’s Country, in the heart of Germany! We will be happy to meet you!

Your hosts in Breitenbach a.H., Frielendorf, Gilserberg, Homberg (Efze), Kirchheim/Hessen, Knüllwald, Neuenstein, Neukirchen, Neustadt(Hessen), Niederaula, Oberaula, Ottrau, Schrecksbach, Schwalmstadt, Schwarzenborn and Willingshausen.


Tourismusservice Rotkäppchenland e.V.:
Hauptstraße 2a
36275 Kirchheim
tel: +49 (0) 6625 919597

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