Moated castle Wülmersen
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Moated castle Wülmersen

The Wülmersen Water Castle with its land museum is situated directly adjacent to the Diemel cycle trail., Enlarge picture
The Wülmersen Water Castle

Moated castle, LandMuseum and recreational facility at once!

The moated castle Wülmersen is located at the fringe of the Reinhardswald Forest, adjacent to the Holzapebach Brook and the Diemel River.

The oldest parts of the manor (from 1108 – 1330 the domain of the monastery at Helmarshausen) were built in the 12th to 14th century. From 1330 on, the manor belonged to the knights of Stockhausen, who, in the 16th to 19th century, enlarged it by adding new sandstone and half-timbered houses. In this context, a new ditch for water from the Holzapebach Brook was dug on the southern side of the area, which made the manor to a “moated castle”. Prolific meadows in the surrounding provided for a major livestock.

After World War II, the manor was sold and used for the accommodation of refugee families. The medieval core of the manor became derelict and remained abandoned for 27 years. By the mid-1980s, most buildings had become unusable or even collapsed.

Then, in 1986, a publically funded program was initiated in which unskilled and unemployed young people worked together with experienced craftsmen and artisans to reconstruct parts of the complex. A group accommodation has been established in the former barns, complemented by a camping ground in the former orchard.

The LandMuseum takes up the tradition of life and labour in agriculture. In a former barn, rooms for changing exhibitions have been set up. Each year from May to October, a new exhibition deals with topics from cultural history, folklore, regional history and agricultural technology. During guided tours, it is possible to visit the show depot in a former barn with more than 1.000 exhibits from crafts, agriculture and forestry. The kiosk invites you to rest and relax with food and beverages.


Wasserschloss Wülmersen:
34388 Trendelburg
tel: + (49) 5675 7210818

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