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nino – Network Industrial Heritage Northern Hesse

Discover unknown treasures. Search for traces of the industrial and technological history together with nino.

  • Did you know that in 1699 Denis Papin from Reinhardshagen cast the first steam boiler in the world?
  • Have you heard of the Kanonenbahn (“canons railway”), which once stopped at many towns in the region?
  • Can you imagine what the landscape in Northern Hesse would look like without mining?
  • What purpose does Lake Edersee fulfil, apart from being a popular tourist destination?

Answers and further information are available from nino, the Network Industrial Heritage Northern Hesse. You can inform yourself about the various aspects of industrial heritage at one of the many historic sites.

  • How did the Hercules get to the top of the mountain.
  • Energy: more than water for the mills.
  • Transport and logistics.

Industrial culture in Northern Hesse – there is plenty to discover!

Further information on nino is available on (in German).

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