St.-Petri Dom zu Fritzlar (Fritzlar Cathedral) - Top tips - Travel guide - Urlaub in der Grimmheimat Nordhessen
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St.-Petri Dom zu Fritzlar (Fritzlar Cathedral)

Visit the most famous building of Fritzlar and discover the cathedral treasury and the outstanding collection of religious objects.

Fritzlar’s most famous landmark is St. Petri Cathedral, the famous towers of which are visible from far away. Enter the cathedral from its west wing entrance to see the sanctuary and notice that it is very harmonious despite its varied chronological and stylistic design – from late-Romanesque and Gothic-style elements to Renaissance and Baroque features. You can visit the crypt where you will find the tomb of Saint Wigbert, disciple of Saint Boniface and the first abbot of the monastery. Visitors should not miss the Domschatz (cathedral treasury), for no other Hessian church has as outstanding a collection of precious religious cult objects as Fritzlar Cathedral.

The crypt, the cloister, the museum and the cathedral treasury are open to visitors.
During summer months, the library is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

More information on the website of the cathedral:


Zwischen den Krämen 5
34560 Fritzlar
tel: +49 (0)56229886-43
fax: +49 (0)56229886-26

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