Fairy Tale Theatre at the Fairy Tale Country Trail
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Fairy Tale Theatre at the Fairy Tale Country Trail

, © S. Becker Enlarge picture
Theatre at the Fairy Tale Country Trail
© S. Becker

Experience magical plays for adults and kids in the Holiday Region Kasseler Land.

In barns, palaces, castles, castle ruins, on airy mountain meadows, old and atmospheric town squares, in small museums, mills, kindergartens, schools, and other magically beautiful sites of the region, the Spielraum-Theatre and the Laku-Paka-Theatre present their fabulous plays. Shows run from May to October and are displayed in German.

Among the plays are classics, which have already attracted several visitors, as well as fantastic new ones. There are plays for children from three years on, such as the “Tapfere Schneiderlein” (“Valiant Little Tailor”), Dornröschen (“Sleeping Beauty”), and the “Wolf und die sieben Geißlein” (“wolf and the seven little goats”).

But there are also goodies for grown-ups, such as “Sinnige und unsinnige Tipps aus dem Grimmschen Haushalt” (“Sensible and insensible hints from the Grimms’ household”) or “Gestatten Grimm” (“May we introduce ourselves: Grimm”).

Many shows are enriched with other features: hands-on actions, games, parties, hiking, great food, castle tours, and many more.

And those who would like to go hiking before or after the play always have the opportunity to do so, as each location is adjacent to the Fairy Tale Country Trail.

The programme of the Fairy Tale Theatre at the Fairy Tale Country Trail can be downloaded from here for free (in German):

Programme May to July 2013

Programme July to October 2013

We wish all of you great fun watching!

What you need to know:
Entry: regular 5,- € kids / 6,- € adults
Short plays: 3,- €
“Gestatten Grimm”: 12,- / 14,- €


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