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Fabulous places in Northern Hesse

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The Sababurg Sleeping Beauty Castle

Visit the castle of Sleeping Beauty, Sababurg in the Reinhardswald Forest, and enjoy the view and the scent of roses, which are in full bloom in the summer, in the adjacent rose garden.

Also at many other places in Northern Hesse – home of the Grimm Brothers – you can discover traces of their fairytales.

In the following, you find a listing of fabulous places. All these places can be found easily on the map that is shown at the right hand side of this web page.



Cultural-historic trail in Ottrau-Weißenborn

.. on the trail of fairytales and legends

The cultural-historic hiking trail in Ottrau-Weißenborn starts at the house of ancestors of the Brothers Grimm and is a circular route for the entire family.

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Neukirchener fairytale house

... with rare museum exhibits from the past century

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The Wolfhagen fairytale fountain

Simply join the dance! There is enough space around the fairytale fountain on Wolfhagen's market square.

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Fairytale sculpture „The Wishing-Table“

Take a seat at the Wishing-Table in Baunatal, Northern Hesse!

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Fairytale sculpture “The seven ravens”

Finally, the girl found her seven brothers again. A spell had turned them into ravens.

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“… and they lived happily …”

When taking a bath in a spring, a childless queen received the prophecy from a frog that she would give birth to a girl within one year.

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