Abbey Lippoldsberg
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Abbey Lippoldsberg

The illuminated abbey is located majestically in the small village of Lippoldsberg., © Nicola Uphoff-Watschong Enlarge picture
Abbey Lippoldsberg
© Nicola Uphoff-Watschong

The Basilica of St. Georg und Maria at Lippoldsberg is a cultural monument of national significance.

It is not only deemed to be the oldest still existing major church with a vaulted building structure. With its unchanged Romanic appearance, it also has a great architectural significance.

Rich history …

Lippoldsberg was founded by arch bishop Luipold from Mainz adjacent to a ford over the Weser River. A nunnery was established here in 1059, and a Benedictine monastery followed around 1100. The basilica with three naves and transept was completed in 1150. The abbey reached its zenith in the middle of the 12th century. Later, its importance rather deteriorated, which has, however, been rather conducive for the preservation of the building’s Romanic fabric. Less significant highlights were the foundation of a hospital in the City of Göttingen in the 13th century and the initiation of the pilgrimage to Gottsbüren in the 14th century (see Tour Eco Pfad Pilgrim paths Gottsbüren).

With the introduction of the reformation in 1538 through Philipp von Hessen, the end of the Benedictine monastery was sealed. Following the death of the last abbess in 1569, the monastery passed into the ownership of the landgraves of Hesse. The church has since been used by the local protestant church.

The church today …

Apart from services, also concerts, readings, and theatre performances take place in the unique ambience in and around the church. The church offers guided tours with varying foci, for instance about historic or architectural aspects.

In 2009, the so-called “monastery gate” was opened in a part of the former cloister – a visitors’ centre, which is opened daily for tourists and visitors of concerts and the church. Apart from a small museum, this is also the location of the local tourist information.


Klosterhof 10
37194 Wahlsburg-Lippoldsberg
tel: +49 (0) 5572 999 226

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